Optimise your ecological tyre print

Get a grip on all factors which can influence your fuel and tyre costs

Does your company provide ecodriving courses?
Are your trucks equipped with an onboard vehicle management system?
Does your company actively encourage eco-friendly driving behaviour?
What is the average age of your company's motorised vehicles?
Are your company's vehicles equipped with aerodynamic aids (e.g. roof-mounted air deflector)?
Are your company's vehicles maintained on a regular basis?
Is the axle alignment of your vehicles checked on a regular basis?
Do you have a policy which defines which tyre brands and designs should be fitted to the different types of vehicles in your fleet?
Are you using low rolling resistance tyres?
What kind of tyres do you generally purchase?
What happens to the tyres you remove?
Do you use retread tyres?
How often do you check your vehicles' tyre pressure?
Do you have a service policy that defines which tyre-related services your vehicles need?